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Over One Billion Dollars In Business Financing
  • Fast Approval Within 24 Hours.

  • 90% Approval Rate

  • Flexible Realistic Underwriting

  • Millions Lent To Small Business Owners

  • New Businesses Are OK

  • Unsecured & Secured Capital

Getting You Funded Is Our Number 1 Priority

Recently Funded Business Capital Loan – 2 Years Old Franchise Business

Growing California Franchise Business funding amount $400,000, in business 2 years, funded in only 4 days with a FICO score of 535

This 20 location restaurant group was showing losses on their tax return and had a low FICO. They were able to receive funding to open 2 additional locations. We have a variety of programs to offer that can help you raise the capital you need to  grow, save or establish your company. Apply today to find out the many ways we can help you achieve your business capital goals.

Recently Funded Construction Company

Growing Massachusetts Construction Company funding amount $95,500, in business 16 years, funded in only 2 days with a FICO score of 506

This client had a low FICO score. However, the home-based business was able to receive funding as a bridge between jobs. If your company can use a bridge loan to help you get by until your next job or while you take some time off apply today and see why 90% of applications are approved.

Recent Funding Deals Details

Growing California restaurant funding amount $135,000, in business 3 years, funded in only 3 days  with a FICO score of 650

This client used the funding to purchase additional locations for their business. They were also able to purchase a food truck with the funding they received. We have many other business funding options for you to choose from, just fill out our 1 minute online application to get started

Recently Funding Deal With A Low FICO Score

New Jersey Healthcare Business recently Funded  for $250,000, nine years in business,only 8 days to fund with a FICO score or 513

This client had multiple existing loan balances and showed a loss on their tax return. They were able to use their funds for debt consolidation and paying late payments to vendors.

Recently Funded New Business With Little Trade History

Recently Funded Hew Hampshire Dental Business for $115,000, time in business 13 months, funded in 5 days with a 632 FICO score

This client had a limited trade history with an absentee owner. This newly opened business was able to receive $115,000 in funding in only 5 days.

Recently Funded Business With 518 FICO

Recently Funded Pennsylvania Staffing Business for $130,000, time in business 8 years, funded in 4 days with a 518 FICO score

This client had a low FICO but received an A/R revolving line of credit after a referral from a banker. They needed funding to hire new employees after a change in upper management.

Financing Services We Provide

Accounts Receivable Financing

Revolving A/R line of Credit As The Clients’ Accounts Receivable
Get Paid Down, it Frees up Funds to Pull From the Line of Credit

12-Month Term
Rates Start at 10% APR
4-7 Days from App To Funding

Equipment Financing

1-5-Year Terms
Variable Rate Starting at 8%

Monthly Payments Available
Fully Amortize in Year of Purchase
(Section 179 of Federal Tax Code)

550 FICO or 650 If Business is Less Than 6 Months Old

Working Capital

24 – 48 Hour Funding Process
Bad Credit OK

Liens/Judgments OK
6 – 36 Month Terms Available

6 Month Time in Business
$10,000 or More in Revenue Per Month
No Minimum FICO

Term Loan

1 to 4-Year Terms
Bi-weekly/monthly payments
Interest Rate Starting at 7.99% APR

No Pre-payment Penalty
Reports to Business Credit Bureaus

2 Years Time in Business
No BK’s, Liens, or Foreclosures in Last 3 Years
660+ FICO

Real Estate Collateral Loans

1 to 5-Year Terms Rate is Variable

Monthly Payments Available
$1,000,000 Max Amount for First Funding
65-100% LTV Depending on Program

$1,000,000 in Annual
Revenue for Premier Program
No Minimum FICO
3 Months in Business

SBA Loan

Government Backed Funds
10-Year Term

Prime 2% (APR)
2 to 4-Week Funding Process

3 Years Time in

120K Gross
Annual Revenue

Revolving Line of Credit

6, 12, or 18-Month Terms
Weekly or Monthly Payments Available
True Revolver; Making Payments Toward
The Balance Allows for Additional Funds

Same Day Funding Available
After Approval Up to $150,000 Funded Amount

6 Months Time in Business
$10,000 in Gross Monthly Sales
No Minimum FICO Score

Financing for Healthcare Pros

Owning a Practice is Not a Requirement
Low Rates and Long Terms

Available to Most Licensed Medical

No Minimum Time, No Minimum FICO
in Business

No Revenue Required

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We offer programs ranging from $10,000 – $5,000,000.

Choose from term lengths between 6 months – 25 years, with fixed or flexible repayment
options available.

We can have money in your account in under 24 hours or in just a few days.

There are NO upfront fees.

No Collateral Necessary

Bankruptcies, Tax Liens,
Judgements  Are OK

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