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Non-Profit Announces New SBA Grant Funded Programs To Help Small Businesses Obtain Working Capital

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Get The Cash You Need To Succeed Guaranteed!

  • Up to $150,000 Funded, on Average, in Just 15 Days (with additional capital available thereafter).

  • No Personal Credit Score Minimum Requirements

  • Low Interest Rates

  • Low Monthly Payments

  • Start-Ups Are Eligible

  • Builds Business Credit

  • Unsecured Loan - No Collateral Needed

Getting You Funded Is Our Number 1 Priority

Obtaining an SBA loan is not at all hard to achieve, in fact, we guarantee you will receive one. The key is putting yourself in the right position to be approved. We found many small business owners lack the financial flexibility to make them comfortable with taking on the cost of their business growth needs, although they believed they could really benefit from investments into their business.

The solution to this dilemma is the Capital Ready Program by Business Credit Literacy Initiative a non-profit organization that helps companies to obtain funding or helps them to become eligible for at least $1000,000 in loans and more if needed.

The Capital Acquisition Plan (CAP) is a personalized plan to acquire the capital needed to fund the start-up or growth of a small business. All entrepreneurs who participate in the CAP are guaranteed a minimum of $100,000 to start or grow a business. The program administrators will take you by the hand and walk you through the process of becoming eligible for an SBA Loan and a business credit profile separate from your personal credit profile.

Guaranteed Grant Funding Program Overview & FAQ

Services Provided By SBA Grant Program

Business Credit Building

This fantastic program is designed to build your business credit without the need of using your personal credit. You do not need to have good personal credit as you will be able to establish your business separate from your personal credit. You will very short order have the business credit needed to obtain credit cards, store charge accounts, gas cards and more

Capital Ready Funding

The Capital Ready Funding Program is designed to assist you in preparing your business in advance to assure that you will receive at least $100,000.00 in loans and or credit for your business GUARANTEED. The cost of this program is covered by an exclusive grant and any legal or compliant business (including startups) are eligible.

$10,000 Monthly No Payback

The grant funded opportunity program is available for those who need a quick cash infusion into their business while they are simultaneously preparing to be approved for an SBA loan. These funds are NOT A LOAN and DO NOT NEED TO BE PAID BACK. This program can put $10,000 a month into your business and again never needs to be paid back.

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All businesses are eligible even if the business hasn’t started yet. No one is disqualified at any point as long as their business is leagal and compliant with the terms of the program.

All participants of the Capital Ready Package Program are guaranteed at least $100,000 in funding and we will continue to assist you until that goal is reached.  The length of time to access funding is based upon you–not us–including your starting point, your selected type(s) of capital, your compliance with the process, etc.  Our lending partners continue to report an average of only ~15 days for funding on the aforementioned SBA loans up to $150,000 with low interest and ten year repayment terms.

We have received grant funding to provide the Capital Ready Package at no cost to the client.  However, a refundable deposit (can be financed so $0 out of pocket) must be submitted upon enrollment and is refunded upon reaching the grant’s minimum goal of $100,000 in funding.  The amount of the refundable deposit is dependent upon how much work you need assistance with to become “capital ready” (underwriting compliant).

Please recognize, participants in the Capital Ready Package Program WILL have ancillary costs associated with becoming “Capital Ready” that are not included in the refundable deposit.  For example, all businesses must file annual tax returns.  We do not provide this service nor is the cost of annual tax preparation included in this package.

This can vary depending on how long it takes to get you Capital Ready, each situation is unique. Some may be ready to go in a day or two and others can take longer, usually no longer than 6 months for extreme cases. In any event, once you have become capital ready, meaning the program has optimized you to the point that you can now apply for the funding the average is 15 Days to be funded.

Capital Ready means that your business has been optimized to meet the criteria to receive an SBA loan and it also establishes your business credit score which allows you to in addition to the loan, also open charge accounts in the business name without a personal guarantee. Your personal credit score can also be improved if needed.  Here are some details of  capital ready tasks:

  • written business plan;
  • 36 month cash flow projections;
  • third party feasibility data;
  • business credit optimization*; and
  • personal credit optimization**.

*Business credit optimization refers to building a credible PAYDEX and IntelliScore ratings.  We will provide guidance and direction as to how to accomplish this.

**Personal credit optimization refers to adding positive and removing negative items to build credible personal credit scores.  We will provide guidance and direction as to how to accomplish this.

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